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How Selling With Us Works...

Telephone us on 01726 66354 to make an appointment to bring your items in to us. We assign each customer a number, process the items, checking for quality, branding and seasonal suitability, before putting them out on the shop floor. Each item is listed in our ledgers under its unique customer and item number. We price the items fairly and at a price that from experience we expect to sell them for.

Items will be on sale for 2 -3 months. As each item sells the ticket is checked off against the ledger, we record what it sells for and the commission owed to you. Some customers like to pop in regularly to collect their commission, others like to wait and collect a lump sum at the end. You have up to 4 months from the time you bring your items in to collect your commission.

Any unsold items are passed on to charity at the end of the 3 months. Designer and more valuable items are generally not passed on to charity. ‘A few items can be returned to you by putting them on a white keep ticket if they do not sell, although we tend not to encourage this as our whole ethos is to support charities.

We also sell many items on our Ebay shop where we can often obtain better prices.

Simple. We win, you win and charities win. So get selling and buying with us, we look forward to seeing you!




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